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Evolutionary Energy Codeums

Raise your frequency, to raise your consciousness 



Energy frequency

Physics teaches us that everything is energy. Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2  shows the interconnection between energy and matter. Everything in our world is vibrating, having a unique frequency and unique properties. Different frequencies of light are seen as different colors. Different frequencies of sound waves are heard as different notes. Different thoughts create different specific chemistry. There is an exciting new Pleiadean derived tool that allows you to harness the power of frequency modification for developing higher consciousness and self-actualization. 

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Evolutionary Energy Codeums™ are intuitive, vibrational, self-generated tools, used to enhance your personal frequency for greater well-being and awareness.


The Codeums promote a higher vibration, raise your consciousness, and create a new paradigm within and around you. 


You’ll be able to release the dense energy of old patterns, dissolve obstacles and limitations in your life.


The Evolutionary Energy Codeums help you to consciously bring in and maintain higher energy, vibration, and power, enabling you to manifest better health, harmony, and abundance in your life. 


 The impact of running Codeums is personal, communal, and cosmic.


The basic Codeums process is simple, direct and can be learned by anyone. Raising individual consciousness, raises the consciousness of the greater collective. 

Adam Monash


Adam Monash is the Founder of Evolutionary Energy Codeums, which he has been refining for the last 18 years. This Pleiadean derived modality is a gift to humanity, that allows paradigm shifts, change in thought forms and grace in life’s processes. Adam is one of the very special facilitators present today who assists us in the movement of consciousness towards an elevated personal and world experience. Adam’s contact and deep relationships with the Pleiadeans, Vygans and other star beings has been of great assistance in his awakening and the desire to aide others in theirs. 


Cynthia Farley

Beyond Words Mystery School 

Cynthia Farley is the owner/director of Beyond Words Mystery School as well as Seven Hearts Mountain Campus and Retreat Center. Cynthia has been a collaborator, practitioner, and process developer with Evolutionary Energy Codeums from its formal inception, more than 18 years ago. In her 35 plus years in the energy consciousness field she has received certifications in yoga, reiki, magnified healing, energy clearings, theta processes and more. Cynthia has a strong desire to offer simple, effective and enjoyable modification processes. 


CODEUMS have revolutionized the way I think.  I have learned to not only tap into the universal frequencies of the planet, but to use those frequencies to enhance my own efforts! By using simple codes, I am able to manifest my intent.  And, as I use these codes to tap into the frequencies I need, I share my energy and frequencies with whatever is around me.  As my energy grows, my frequency increases, and I have better health and success.  The classes are simple and dynamic at the same time.  The instructors are very knowledgeable and are willing to share that knowledge.  The cost of the class was super affordable, AND the value of the class is PRICELESS.  

 – Peggy Pitchford, Denver, CO


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